TE Carsharing

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Le Power Car Sharing Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Tellus Power Group, which specialize in the carsharing business of EV. Based on the EV selling and charging station operation of Tellus Power Group, Le Power creates and promotes a carsharing business model of integration of EV, charging pile, and parking space in 2017. And forms a new energy industry closed loop, which can provide a better service to users.

The brand name of this carsharing business model is TE Carsharing.
TE Carsharing has its own platform and integrated all resources. In the first stage, it built 51 charging stations in Beijing with over 1500 charging piles in the first stage. Launched out 500 EVs into the market. Also built 78 charging stations in Shanghai with over 1600 charging piles and launched out 100 EVs into the market.
In the second stage, TE Carsharing plans to enter Hainan Province, Shandong Province, Anhui Province and other areas. Aims to become the world-leading supplier for the eco service in the EV field.

Carsharing is a new sharing business model. It based on the diversify travel demand from users, with flexible rental and billing period. The users can be charged by minutes or hours. Carsharing business model realizes car on-demand use, fully-self help for whole process, rent and return at place, and economic sharing. Through its plate form TE Carsharing, realizes the rental experience of on-line operation and off-line use. Based on internet, and mobile client and other channels, TE Carsharing realizes the operation of order, rent, return and billing, etc. Users get the car in the rental point and use the car.


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